ice5 Breakout Board

ice5 Breakout Board

What is it?

The ice5 Breakout is a small (1.0" x 2.4") board with a Lattice ice40 Ultra FPGA pinned out to 0.1" headers suitable for use with a solderless breadboard. In addition to the FPGA it also provides 3.3V and 1.2V regulators to source the power supplies required by the FPGA. Two LEDs are provided as well, one to indicate when the FPGA is configured and another for general use which is hooked to one of the three dedicated LED driver outputs on the FPGA.


Lattice ice40 Ultra parts can be configured either from internal OTP flash or externally. This board does not contain any external configuration memory so the FPGA must be provided with a SPI configuration memory, or configured via a separate programming source such as an MCU with a SPI port or a programming pod.

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