icehat - Raspberry Pi ice40 Ultra FPGA hat

icehat - Raspberry Pi ice40 Ultra FPGA hat

What is it?

The icehat is a small (Raspberry Pi Zero-sized) board with a Lattice ice40 Ultra FPGA and three Digilent-compatible 8-bit PMOD receptacles.


Lattice ice40 Ultra parts can be configured either from internal OTP flash or externally. This board allows the RPi to configure the FPGA.

Hardware Development

The Lattice ice40 Ultra family is supported by a freely available iCEcube2 toolchain from the manufacturer. Lattice iCEcube2 Download Page

Unfortunately, the Ultra variant is not supported by the Open Source Project Icestorm toolchain at this time. Keep checking their site for future developments. Icestorm Project Page

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