802.11b Networking

802.11b Wireless networking ("Wi-Fi") is a great solution for medium speed connectivity in mobile and home situations.

I use Addtron, Belkin and Linksys components based on the Prism 2/2.5/3 chipsets from Intersil:

  • Addtron AWS-100 Access Point
  • Linksys WAP11 Access Point
  • Addtron AWP-100 PCMCIA Card
  • Belkin F5D6001 PCI Card
  • I've found these components to be inexpensive and reliable in my usage, which consists mainly of laptops running Linux and Win9x in a home environment.


    There are several linux drivers which work with Prism based products:
  • linux-wlan-ng
  • wvlan-cs (part of the linux pcmcia-cs drivers)
  • I've used both of these successfully, but I find the linux-wlan-ng drivers to have greater functionality and are very actively maintained, although a tad harder to install.

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