ALS 120 Sound

My Pentium 166 machine has an Inland ALS120 sound card that I bought at Fry's Electronics for less than $10.00. It's not a bad sound card, but RedHat's sndconfig utility seems to have trouble configuring it and ends up assigning resources for features that don't exist. Fear not though, it works well if you convince the system that it's really a SoundBlaster Pro.  Here are my /etc/isapnp.confand /etc/conf.modules files which you can use to get this card going on your system.

A lot of folks have been interested in this material after finding my initial posting on the RedHat sound-list archive.  Unfortunately, even when using the information in my files above some seem to have troubles getting the ALS120 to work.  Others have had no difficuly at all.  Please let me know your experiences so that I can pass it along to others.

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