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I started out with Slackware Linux on an i386 years ago and have recently been using RedHat, starting with 5.2 and continuing up through RH9. I'm pretty happy with it and now I'm running it on a wide variety of x86 machines, both at work and at home.

In the course of my Linux adventures, I've gotten a few things working that might be helpful for others, so here they are if you can use them:

ALS120 Sound Card

Micron GoBook2

ESS Maestro 2E Sound

ESS Maestro 3 & Allegro Sound

Trident Sound

Mattel Camera

I/O Space Dump Utility

802.11(b) Networking

Butterfly Media Compact Flash USB Driver

DOS FAT Tools for the MPuls3 Ampigo

Olympus D-150 Camera



Agenda VR3 PDA

CMedia AC97 Codec

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