Trident 4DWave

The Trident 4DWave DX/NX PCI Audio chips are found in a number of currently available and inexpensive sound cards. ALSA had the original driver for this architecture, thanks to some excellent support from Trident.  Until recently however, OSS/Free did not support these chips. Fortunately, the 4DWave is derived from an IP (intellectual property) core from an outfit called T2 which is also used by SIS and ALi for their own audio interfaces. Ollie Lho, working for SIS has combined code from the original ALSA driver, as well as OSS/Free drivers from Zach Brown, Alan Cox and Thomas Sailer to produce a fully functional OSS/Free driver for the Trident 4DWave and SIS 7018. Ching Ling Lee has extended it to support the ALi 5451, Aaron Holtzman cleaned it up some and I backported it from the 2.3 development kernel to the 2.2 stable kernel.

To use this driver, you will need to be running at least the 2.2.16 stable kernel, or the latest development kernel (2.4.0test series at the time of this writing). The driver is only available as a module (it cannot be permanently compiled into the kernel) and supports no load-time options. It will automatiically detect the type of chip you have and will not load unless it finds a supported interface.

Currently, the driver supports only PCM audio I/O in all the standard OSS/Free formats, as well as the standard OSS/Free mixer interface. Dual AC97 codecs are supported for Dolby AC3 5.1 channel audio. MPU401 MIDI, joystick and FM are not supported, but may be added in the future.

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