5th-Order LC Filter board



This is a board for building 5th-order LC filters. Both Low-pass and High-pass filters are possible by simply swapping L and C components.


Designing Filters

The schematic is set up to use a shunt topology - the first reactive element is from signal to ground. This works for either low-pass or high-pass. I've had good results using this online design page:

LC Filter Design

As an example, for a 20MHz low-pass I've used the following values

RefdesValueMFG PN
C1,C3330pFMurata GRM1885C1H331JA01D
L1,L2390nHAbracon AISC-0603F-R39J-T
C2390pfMurata GRM1885C1H391JA01D

For a 3MHz high-pass I've used the following values

RefdesValueMFG PN
C1,C33.3uHAbracon AISC-0603F-3R3J-T
L1,L2560pFMurata GRM1885C1H561JA01D
C21.5uHAbracon AISC-0603F-1R5J-T

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