R820T2 Breakout

R820T2 Breakout Assembled


This is a breakout board for the Rafael Microelectronics R820T2 Advanced Digital TV Silicon Tuner chip. This is the same chip used in most all of the RTL-SDR dongles, as well as the Airspy and numerous other radios. The chip is a versatile front-end with reasonable sensitivity and wide tuning range. The design presented here is almost an exact implementation of the Mfg's suggested demo design from the datasheet, implemented on the OSHpark 4-layer PCB process and provides a simple 4-pin interface with power, ground and I2C bus for controlling the tuner. A broad-band RF input and 10MHz IF output are provided on SMA connectors.



I've provided a simplified driver based on work from Airspy and the Linux media drivers which allows control of the R820T2 from an STM32F0xx processor.

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