This is a DAC designed for use in generating RF signals in the HF Bands (100kHz - 27 MHz). The form-factor is compatible with a dual-connector Digilent Pmod so that it can be used with commonly available FPGA development boards to build a variety of signal generators, transmitter exciters and Software-Defined radio functions.



TXDAC Spectrum

TXDAC output spectrum driven by a 10.00MHz DDS implemented in an FPGA and clocked at 50MHz.

Design Resources

Getting One

Interested? PCB Gerbers and BOM are available above in the Design Resources section. Cost for boards is about $16.15 for a set of three from OSHpark.com. Parts will run another $50 or so depending on where you get them, what type of filter you use and which version of the TXDAC you want.

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