ARM Functions


Assembled Board (minus backlight driver)

armfun frontpanel

Prototype front panel (Yeah - it's cardboard. So?)


This is a test-bed for using the Analog Devices ADuC7026 in control voltage processing applications. It supports four channels of input/output with a +/-5V range, plus four ratiometric pots for real-time control. A 16x2 LCD, encoder and two buttons are used for setup and configuration. Power requirements are +/-15V and +5V. Programming and debug are supported with both a 20-pin ARM JTAG connector, as well as a standard 3.3V UART connector compatible with the ADI bootloader. An 8-pin AUX connector provides for future expansion with GPIO and/or hardware-backed SPI and I2C interfaces.

Here's the schematic.


Firmware is under development, but preliminary code provides a sample rate of 22.1kHz on each I/O channel and 5.025ksps on each the pots with plenty of unused bandwidth for additional processing to be added.

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