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dsPIC Audio DAC assembled

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This is a small project focused on audio signal processing using the Microchip dsPIC. It provides the following features:

The principle reason for this board is development and deployment of simple digital synthesis systems. I've already breadboarded most of this circuitry for other projects and wanted something compact and inexpensive that could be used to encapsulate their functions for permanent installations, as well as to serve as a prototyping platoform for future development.

Potential applications include:

Design Collateral


dsPIC code for this will be developed using the freely available Microchip MPLAB IDE, including an assembler and GCC-based C compiler. A C skeleton/test project is provided as a starting point which provides two sawtooth oscillators sampled at 48kHz with pitch controlled by analog input CV 0 and 1. Additional driver code for SPI, I2C and UART is included but not used in this project.


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