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The E610 USB Audio I/O is a Euro-rack digital audio interface module that provides a USB 1.1 Audio class-compliant stereo input / output. Various sample rates from 8kHz to 48kHz are supported and USB current draw is less than 100ma so the device will work with iOS devices such as the iPad, as well as with MacOS X, Windows XP, Windows 7/8 and Linux.

The principle feature of the E610 is DC coupling on the audio outputs and a voltage range of +/-5V which allows its use as a Control Voltage source in modular synthesis. Coupled with existing software such as Silent Way or Volta, this allows a simple interface between an analog modular synthesizer and powerful DAW software. The interface is full-duplex, so the audio inputs may be used for simultaneous recording, or for feedback in generating CV calibration curves.

In addition to stereo audio I/O, the E610 provides visual level indicators for each input and output channel consistingn of bi-color LEDs with different colors representing different signal amplitudes. There is also a USB status indicator which reflects the operational state of the interface.


The E610 is now available as the Audio Damage ADM09 ODIO.

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