MOTM 520 / MOTM 521


The MOTM 520 Cloud Generator is a multi-oscillator module originally architected as a PIC controlling a bank of hardware NCOs. I was brough on board in mid 2006 to revise the design with an ARM MCU and FPGA. Since then a prototype based on the Xilinx Spartan 3E Starter Kit from Digilent, coupled with a Analog Devices ADuC7026 and an audio-quality stereo DAC has been built and demonstrated at several synth gatherings.

Because the hardware has much more capability than is easily accessed through the '520 user interface, a second module, the MOTM 521 Cloud Expander is under consideration which would provide control of the 50+ parameters, as well as patch storage and additional waveform outputs.

Preliminary Specifications

MOTM 520

MOTM 521

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