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As a synth module designer, the aphorism about the shoemaker's children applies to me as well. I've got lots of modules laying around but none were racked up and ready to use, and when it came time to test I usually had to improvise something with alligator clips and lab supplies. That's pretty lame, so I finally decided to get organized and build a rack.

I started looking through the various websites for information on 19" racks and Euro mounting hardware. Since I didn't want to spend a large amount on this, the prices were pretty daunting - a truly pro setup could easily exceed $1000 for a modest system without any modules. Not quite what I had in mind. I did a bit more research and came across the poor-mans approach: The Ikea Rast nightstand. Surprisingly, this inexpensive and simple piece of furniture is sized almost exactly right for a 6U 19" rack (one wonders if this is intentional?). Add in a bit of mounting hardware and a power supply and you've got a fairly good looking rack - a bit on the heavy side and unfinished, so it's probably not good for mobile use, but for holding things securely in a home studio/lab situation it's fine. All told, I spent about $120 on this.

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